All TPSS user customization options are located in the directory c:/users/aeri/docker/config/


VIP file


The vip file contains all the parameters for running the AERIoe retrieval
Notable parameters that may be modified by the user:

  • tres:  temporal resolution in minutes.  e.g.
    • tres=0 for retrievals at native AERI temporal resolution (highest)
    • tres=10 for retrievals every 10 mins
    • tres=60 for retrievals every 60 mins
  • cbh_default_ht:  default cloud base height in km AGL when no ceilometer data is present
    • chb_default_ht=2 is the default setting
    • Can adjust for local climatology
  • output_rootname:  root name of output file
  • output_path:  path of output directory
  • retrieve_lcloud:  retrieve liquid clouds
  • retrieve_icloud:  retrieve ice clouds
  • Global attributes for the output NetCDF file.  These must start with globatt_
    • globatt_Site=SITE
    • globatt_Instrument=AERI-118
    • globatt_Dataset_contact=Dave Turner, NOAA
    • globatt_Processing_comment=Test calculations


Local climatology for first guess


  • A climatology (thermodynamic profile) is necessary at the location of observation for each month of the year in order to provide a first-guess for the retrival algorithm
  • For best results use mean monthly climatologies at the given observation site
  • If monthly climatolgy is not available, season or even yearly average climatology may be adequate
  • It’s best to use soft-links to the actual climatology files


$ ln -s Beijing_Winter_Climatology.cdf prior.01.cdf
$ ln -s Beijing_Winter_Climatology.cdf prior.02.cdf
$ ln -s Beijing_Spring_Climatology.cdf prior.03.cdf
$ ln -s Beijing_Spring_Climatology.cdf prior.04.cdf
$ ln -s Beijing_Spring_Climatology.cdf prior.05.cdf
$ ln -s Beijing_Summer_Climatology.cdf prior.06.cdf
$ ln -s Beijing_Summer_Climatology.cdf prior.07.cdf
$ ln -s Beijing_Summer_Climatology.cdf prior.08.cdf
$ ln -s Beijing_Autumn_Climatology.cdf prior.09.cdf
$ ln -s Beijing_Autumn_Climatology.cdf prior.10.cdf
$ ln -s Beijing_Autumn_Climatology.cdf prior.11.cdf
$ ln -s Beijing_Winter_Climatology.cdf prior.12.cdf


Data transfer using rsync


  • The rsync protocol can be used to transfer AERI data onto the TPSS computer
  • rsync can be used for real-time incremental data transfers

Set the IP address of the AERI computer in this script

rsync -ar $AERIIP::ftp/AE$YYMMDD /data/raw/

The script can be customized as needed for the instrument and network being used