Example 13: Adding enhancements to real-time images

Using real-time data, we now allow enhancements to be added to realtime imagery (from the SSEC Data Center).

The config file looks like this:

controls=startstop, looprock, speed, step, zoom, refresh, enhance,toggle bottom_controls=toggle controls_style = display:flex;flex-flow:row; buttons_style = flex:auto;margin:2px; controls_tooltip=Start-n-stop the animation, Toggle between loop and rock modes, Click to change animation speed, Step backward or forward, Zoom into the image, Refresh the images from the server, Pick an enhancement, Click on frame square to remove from animation; click again to add it back enhance_table= http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/geo/images/enh.tab/goes-east.tab image_base=http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/visitview/images/east/ filenames=ir4conusg0, ir4conusg1, ir4conusg2, ir4conusg3, ir4conusg4, ir4conusg5, ir4conusg6, ir4conusg7 background_static=n image_preserve=0,0,600,11

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