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Ice Coring and Drilling Services

- Next-generation Deep Ice-Sheet Coring drill

- ICDS provides field project support

- Jim Green worked with Dr. Karl Kreutz

- Enhanced Hot Water Drill team in the South Pole

- Tony Wendricks helped with 2004's "The Day after Tomorrow"



Among the many groups under the SSEC umbrella resides Ice Coring and Drilling Services (ICDS). ICDS provides support for the National Science Foundation’s projects in very cold places, both high altitude and polar. This group not only maintains and operates existing equipment, but develops new systems as well.

Ice Coring and Drilling Services (ICDS)

sidewinder drill
courtesy of Jim Green
ICDS provided two drills for Dr. David Marchant's field project in Antarctica, including the Sidewinder (above).

Steps to a new drill: Charlie Bentley and Don Lebar report that work on the design and construction of the next-generation Deep Ice-Sheet Coring (DISC) drill proceeded on schedule throughout the year. They expect to conduct a field test in Greenland in the summer of 2005 and to begin operational use in Antarctica about year and a half later. This drill improves upon and will replace the current drill, which produced the GISP-2 core in Greenland and its gold mine of paleoclimatic information. Almost a decade later, that drill has worn out.

eclipse drill
courtesy of Jim Green

Dr. Karl Kreutz made use of an ICDS Eclipse three inch core drill in his Antarctic project.

Project support: This past year, ICDS’ support for field projects on the polar ice sheets continued to increase; they supported seven projects in 2004 (five in Antarctica and two in Greenland) and prepared for eight in Antarctica scheduled for the next austral field season.

Assisting Antarctic research: Jim Green provided assistance for Dr. Karl Kreutz’s project on the Commonwealth Glacier in Antarctica. Dr. Kreutz uses an ICDS Eclipse 3 inch core drill to obtain ice core. ICDS also provided a drilling crew to operate the drill.

Heating it up in the South Pole: ICDS’s Enhanced Hot Water Drill team assembled the Drill Supply Hose Reel at the South Pole to support IceCube operations. The process started in early November and continued on schedule for completion by December 2004. The team planned to drill and deploy the initial strings in January 2005. Several SSEC staff members supported the testing and verification of the system including Jim Green, John Short, Robin Bolsey, Tom Demke, Bruce Koci and Paul Schnettler. Bolsey and Short remained at the South Pole and Tom Demke provided support from Madison.

EWHD team

courtesy of Jeff Cherwinka

The EWHD team assembled the Drill Supply Hose Reel at the South Pole.

On the silver screen: Twentieth Century Fox consulted Tony Wendricks, ICDS coordinator, for their 2004 release The Day After Tomorrow.” Tony provided information for the creations of props primarily used in the opening drilling scene, possibly the only technically accurate aspect of the movie.


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