Polar2Grid is a software package providing scripts, utilities, and a series of functions and classes for reading polar-orbiting satellite data, remapping or gridding that data, and writing it to a file format to be used by other software. Polar2grid is mainly used through one or more glue scripts that execute a common sequence of functions known as “The Chain”. These functions being called act as a toolbox for software developers to make their own scripts if the provided glue scripts don’t fit their needs.

Code repository: https://github.com/davidh-ssec/polar2grid

If you are a developer wishing to add your own frontend or backend please see the Developer’s Guide for details on how to do so.

Original scripts and automation included as part of this package are distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE agreement version 3. Binary executable files included as part of this software package are copyrighted and licensed by their respective organizations, and distributed consistent with their licensing terms.

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