Polar2Grid is a set of tools for extracting swath data from earth-observing satellite instruments, remapping it to uniform grids, and writing that gridded data to a new file format. Polar2Grid was created by scientists and software developers at the SSEC. It is distributed as part of the CSPP project for processing of data received via direct broadcast antennas. Although Polar2Grid was created to serve the direct broadcast community, it can be used on most archived data files.

The features provided by Polar2Grid are accessible via bash scripts, command line tools, and a set of python packages. These methods give scientists and programmers options for using Polar2Grid in a way most comfortable to them.

Original scripts and automation included as part of this package are distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE agreement version 3. Binary executable files included as part of this software package are copyrighted and licensed by their respective organizations, and distributed consistent with their licensing terms.

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A collaboration between the Polar2Grid and PyTroll team will change a majority of the low-level code in future versions of Polar2Grid. However, the bash scripts will still be available to provide the same functionality with which users are familiar.

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