View your java plugin information

When emailing us about a problem with one of our web pages, please send us the following pieces of information listed below:
"java.version", "java.vendor" and "".

If the Java box is blank, then that means Java is not working correctly in your browser, is not installed or you are using a browser or version of Java that is too old or incompatible. Or it might mean that they are disabled through your browser preferences/options.

Additional Java support information


If you are having problems with one of our Java applets (like our satellite animations/movies), then please check to see if the Java Console is reporting any error messages. To do this, first, find the "Java Console" and open it. This may be located in the "View" menu, the "Tools" menu, or the "Web Development" menu, depending on your browser. If you are using the Java Plug-in, then you can also launch the Java Console by clicking (sometimes right-clicking) on the Java icon when you try to run the applet. If you have error messages in the Java Console, then please include the error messages along with the other information requested above in the email you send us - this will be very helpful to the software support people.

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