GOES-13 Visible Imagery

  Robert Rabin1,2



NOTE: GOES-13 is operating on a similar schedule as GOES-12 during August-October 2008.

This satellite provides advantages in the following areas:

    1) maintains coverage during eclipse periods,

    2) more stable navigation than previous GOES satellites.

    3) brighter visible data and improved Signal to Noise Ratio

    GOES-13 data is experimental and is being made available for assessment from NOAA/NESDIS. The data shown here is obatined from a receiving station at SSEC.

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Note: Default images are not at full resolution. To enhance resolution, click left mouse button on desired location. Roaming is enabled by holding the left button down while moving the mouse.

Flash based applications used for interactive animations were developed by Tom Whittaker of the Space Science and Engineering Center  SSEC, University of Wisconsin-Madison. 


Disclaimer. The products from GOES or other satellites shown here are experimental. These have been generated within a research environment and are not intended to be considered operational. Timeliness, availability, and accuracy are sought but not guaranteed.

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