M-AERI In-port Preventative Maintenance Procedure – MARCUS

Instrument: M‑AERI
Starting Date: 26 October 2017
Instrument Mentor: Jonathan Gero
Facility: AMF‑M2
PM Frequency: When ship is in-port during MARCUS (Hobart or Antarctica)

Hardware checks

Physical check of instrument

  • Inspect the instrument exterior for damage.  Use touch-up paint as needed
  • Inspect the interior of the front-end and back-end for damage
  • Grease the hatch rails
  • Check the tightness of the ratchet strap over the M-AERI:  it should not be too tight, so as to mechanically short out the shock mounts

Purge gas replacement

  • Replace purge gas cylinders in Hobart

Rain sensors

  • Clean the surface of the exterior rain sensors
  • Check the internal rain sensor in ziplock bag for humidity buildup

Scene mirror cleaning

  • Clean the scene mirror in situ (see procedure)