M-AERI Daily Preventative Maintenance Procedure – MARCUS

Instrument: M‑AERI
Starting Date: 21 October 2017
Instrument Mentor: Jonathan Gero
Facility: AMF‑M2
PM Frequency: Daily

Hardware checks:

Physical check of instrument:

  • Check for any damage
  • Check for ice buildup, especially around the hatches
  • Check that the 3 TEC fans are operational
  • Check that the hatches are open all the way
  • Clear any debris / water / ice accumulation inside the front-end
  • Check that the sky and side fields-of-view are clear of obstructions

Inspection of purge rate:

  • Check that the flowmeter shows a trickle (nonzero) flow of purge gas
    • Adjust flowmeter / regulator / gas cylinder as needed

Inspection of hatch state:

  • Verify that the hatches are in the correct state (open/closed) appropriate to the precipitation
    • If they are not, check on the FTSW display if a rain sensor has been triggered
    • outsideRainSensor=0 or insideRainSensor=0 indicates a triggered rain sensor
    • Clean / troubleshoot the appropriate rain sensor as needed (see hatch troubleshooting)
    • Note that software outages may also cause the hatch to close (see software troubleshooting)

Inspection of scene mirror:

  • When the side hatch is open, quickly inspect the scene mirror surface with a flashlight
    • Do not obstruct the instrument field-of-view for more than ~3 seconds!
    • Clean or replace the mirror if necessary (see instructions).

Software checks:


  • Check the black cygwin window running Ingest, scrolling, displaying scene numbers (e.g. S42)


  • Check that the correct date/time is displayed
  • Check the 2 graphs of AERI spectra are displayed and updating
  • Check that all status boxes are green (see software troubleshooting)
  • Check the interferometer humidity box (see purge troubleshooting)