The Ani(mation)S applet

Page 1 - The simplest animator

This page starts of a series of examples to demonstrate the use of the AniS applet for making animations. Subsequent pages deal with portals, overlays, and more complex combinations.

Each example illustrates one or more of the features of this applet, and are designed to provide an example of the HTML needed to obtain results.

The overall goal of this project was to give you, the web page author, a toolkit for using combinations of several different techniques that have been developed in support of projects using satellite images (though as the first example illustrates, the applet has found many other applications).

1a. The manual form: user-controlled series of images. This configuration gives users a simple slider to manually control the display of image frames. [The images here were contributed by Jim Elder of Ottawa, Canada -- Thanks, Jim!] The complete applet tag is:

<APPLET archive="aniscode.jar" code="AniS.class" width=300 height=250> <PARAM name="controls" value="setframe"> <PARAM name="setframe_label" value=" Image Frame Number * "> <PARAM name="basename" value="thumb_*.jpg"> <PARAM name="num_frames" value="10"> <PARAM name="base_starting_number" value="1"> </APPLET>

The user controls the frame display by moving the slider.

1b. The "almost" simplest automatic form: animate a series of images. Just allow the users to stop and start the animation, and provide a short audio clip that introduces the material. (The "very simplist" form would have no controls...but I thought that was too boring!) The complete applet tag is:

<APPLET code="AniS.class" width=500 height=460> <PARAM name="controls" value="startstop,audio"> <PARAM name="filenames" value="TVIS1.GIF,TVIS2.GIF,TVIS3.GIF"> <PARAM name="audio_filename" value=""> </APPLET>

1c. The "other" simplest form: fade between a series of images. Just allow the users to alter the fading among the 3 images. The Applet's parameters are the same as 1b, except the for the controls and the selection of images:

<PARAM name="controls" value="fader"> <PARAM name="filenames" value="TVIS1.GIF,TIR1.GIF,WAT1.GIF"> <param name="fader_label" value="this is my fader label string">
Note that we have also included a fader_label value. Without this, the simple label "Set fade level" is used.

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