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Page 9 - Using file_of_filenames with image files in a subdirectory

9. Reading the names of your image files from another file, when the image files are in a subdirectory. This example is very similar to #8, except we are accessing a subdirectory off the directory where the HTML is located. The "file_of_filenames" in this case is "snamelist.txt" and contains:

#this is a comment subdir/stir1.gif overlay=subdir/stsfc1.gif subdir/stir2.gif overlay=subdir/stsfc2.gif subdir/stir3.gif overlay=subdir/stsfc3.gif subdir/stir4.gif overlay=subdir/stsfc4.gif Note that each filename contains the name of the subdirectory ("subdir/" in this case. You can use this to organize your files, if needed.

Here's the applet:

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