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Page 4.1 - Using scaling and data-in-an-archive

Building on the previous example, we introduce the use of scaling, active-zoom, and putting data into an archive file.

We will specify "active_zoom" so that zooming and roam are always available. Just left-click to zoom in, drag to roam, and right-click to zoom out.

We will specify that the images are to be scaled to a window that is 250 pixels wide and 200 high. The original image is scaled as needed, but will be used during zooming, so you can potentially zoom to the original resolution.

All the image and files have been ZIPped into the file ''. Most browsers will read data from this archive; however, older browser (using Java runtime version 1.1.x) will not; therefore, the contents of the file are also in this directory. In this case, a diagnostic message is displayed in the Java Console.

The HTML looks like:

<APPLET codebase="../" archive="aniscode.jar," code="AniS.class" width=270 height=280> <PARAM name="controls" value="startstop, overlay, rotator"> <PARAM name="rotator_labels" value="1715,1815,1915,2015"> <PARAM name="filenames" value="TIR1.GIF, TIR2.GIF , TIR3.GIF, TIR4.GIF"> <PARAM name="overlay_filenames" value="TMAP.GIF"> <PARAM name="overlay_labels" value="Map"> <PARAM name="transparency" value="x000000"> <PARAM name="image_window_size" value="250,200"> <PARAM name="active_zoom" value="yes"> <PARAM name="use_archive" value="yes"> </APPLET>

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