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Available Data


The CIMSS Climate Data Portal (CDP) currently enables easy access to the PATMOS-x AVHRR cloud dataset, which consists of:

Note, the full global dataset is hosted by the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) (see "AVHRR Cloud Properties - PATMOS-x"). The CDP provides services that complement those offered by NCDC, including:


The CDP also serves the PATMOS-x GOES cloud dataset, which consists of:

In the future, the CDP will also serve:

Ordering Process

The CDP allows users to order geographically and temporally subsetted climate data products. The system is designed for ease of use via three simple steps: Register, Order, and Pickup.


A simple, one-time registration is required so we can track who has ordered data and how much. You provide a valid email address. We then send a Registration Key to that email address. Enter that key into the registration form on the site, and you are done. CIMSS will not share your email address with any third parties.


The Order page provides a simple form to select the satellites and products you are interested in, as well as the time range and interval (e.g. weekly over a two year period). The user can input a specific coordinate bounding box for geographic coverage, or simply select a region on the map provided. Orders are validated for correctness and for a reasonable size quota, and then submitted to the order processing machine.


Processing on the SSEC compute cluster is quite fast, and most orders are completed in a very short time. When your order is ready, we will send you an email with a URL to pick up your files via anonymous FTP download. Simply click the link in the email and grab your data. Your data will be delivered in CF-compliant NetCDF-4 format.