Last Updated:   4/19/2013  


     The routine Met-10  (MSG) schedule is as follows:                                   
              FD     1/4 hourly
              HRV    1/4 hourly   
              ADMIN  1/4 hourly       

     The MSG image (FD & HRV) data is usually received within 5 minutes of the image times.           
     The ADMIN files are transmitted every 15 minutes but are only issued once a day. 
     Spacecraft:        MET-10 
     Subpoint:          0W 
     Group:             MSG 
     Server/address:    msg  

     Dataset Name       Content
     ------------       -------
      HRV               High Res visible (Channel 12) Images 
      FD                Full Disk 3km; Channels 1-11 
      ADMIN             System admin messages report on last 24 hours of operations
      SCHED             Weekly MSG Schedule Information 
     Information about changes to the Meteosat schedule will be
     placed in the ADDE text file INFO/MESSAGES.

     Note: Changes to the Meteosat schedule during times when 
           the UW-SSEC datacenter is unstaffed (weekends and holidays) 
           will not be reflected in the MESSAGES file. 


All meteosat schedules are also available on the EUMETSAT web homepage.

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