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Page 2 - The adding animation controls

2. Now we want to give them controls for speed and stepping the frames. We'll also change the color of the background and foreground by adding the parameters. Finally, we want to preserve the labels at the bottom of each image while zooming, so we use the image_preserve parameter:

controls=startstop, speed, step, looprock, zoom controls_tooltip = Click to start and/or stop the animation, Use the slider to adjust the animation speed, Click these to step back and forth, Click to toggle between looping and rocking, Click to enable zooming (then click mouse button on image to zoom) filenames =TVIS1.GIF,TVIS2.GIF,TVIS3.GIF rate = 20 image_preserve =0,388,499,399 backcolor= #008000 forecolor= #ff8000 no_enh=true

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