Example 15: Using a Lambert Conic Conformal projection with cursor readout of latitude/longitude

In this simple example, the image is in a Lambert Conformal Conic projection. There is an overlay of the latitude & longitude lines. We have defined alternative text for the location control button.

Here is the in-line parameter list:

filenames=HIMAWARI-8.AHI.2016-01-12.13-00-00.Ash_Height.Test_2_km.png \n\ controls = overlay,zoom,location, mark, capture \n\ overlay_labels=Lat/Lon lines,mark \n\ controls_style = display:flex;flex-flow:row; \n\ coordinates_display_style=orange,black,12px serif,Latitude = , Longitude = ,2\n\ coordinates=LCC, 50., 40., 170.0 , 57.20, 149.32, 6378137.000,0.08181919157505, 2240.,0, 36 \n\ location_labels=Show Latitude/Longitude of cursor, Hide location \n\ buttons_style=margin-left:20px;position:center;'
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