Example 16: Automatic enhancement (colorizing) of gray-scale background images

Here we add an enhancement table, and have the "auto_enhance" feature applied to the background images, using the 3rd enhancement table entry (the "fixed breakpoints" table).

There are two overlays. The first is enabled for colorizing (enhancement) through the pull-down menu. The second overlay shows the original gray-scale images of the background images.

The config file looks like this:

filenames = TVIS1.GIF,TVIS2.GIF,TVIS3.GIF overlay_filenames = TIR1.GIF&TIR2.GIF&TIR3.GIF, TVIS1.GIF&TVIS2.GIF&TVIS3.GIF , TMAP.GIF&TMAP.GIF&TMAP.GIF controls = startstop, enhance, looprock, zoom, overlay,probe bottom_controls = saveall overlay_labels = IR Satellite, Original Vis Images, Map overlay_enhance = 1 auto_enhance_background=4 controls_style = display:flex;flex-flow:row; buttons_style = flex:auto;margin:2px; enhance_style = flex:auto;margin:2px; enhance_filename = enh16.txt

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