Example 3: Overlays and the 'file_of_filenames'

In this example, we provide simple overlays and introduce the use of the 'file_of_filenames' parameter, where the image filenames are specified in a separate (from the config) file.

Note also that we enable the "debug" window -- this contains (sometimes) useful information when you are setting up your site. You probably do not want to use it otherwise.

The config file looks like this:

debug=true file_of_filenames=fof3.txt controls = overlay controls_style = padding:5px;background-color:green; overlay_labels=Map, Temperature, Streamlines overlay_labels_color=white, cyan, black overlay_labels_style=font-family:arial;color:white;font-size:14px;padding:2px;background-color:green; overlay_tooltip = Show map, Show temperature values, Draw streamlines And the file_of_filenames file contains just one line: TIR1.GIF overlay=TMAP.GIF, TSFC1.GIF, TSTR1.GIF

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