Example 3c: Using multiple menus to select overlays, along with one "always on" menu

The config file makes "menu2" be always displayed and using the "menu2_labels_style" parameter, positions and styles that menu. Because the "/always" option was used, the button for that menu is not displayed.

Note that for "menu2", the "menu2_labels_style" is used in place of the "overlay_labels_style", which is appied to all other menus. Menu-specific styles may be used with any menu, if desired.

The config file looks like this:

controls = zoom,menu1, menu2/always, menu3, menu4 filenames=TIR1.GIF,TIR2.GIF,TIR3.GIF controls_style = padding:5px;background-color:green; buttons_style = margin:5px; overlay_filenames= TSFC1.GIF, TVIS1.GIF, TSFC2.GIF, TVIS2.GIF, TSFC3.GIF, TVIS3.GIF, TMAP.GIF use_for_all_frames = 2,1, 3,1, 4,1, 5,1, 6,1, 7,1 overlay_menu_links=1,1,2,2,3,3,4 menu1_labels = Time 1 menu3_labels = Time 3 menu4_labels = Map menu2_labels_style = bottom:-30px;display:flex;right:0px;font-family:serif;font-size:20px;font-weight:bold;background-color:orange; overlay_labels_style=bottom:30px;left:10px;font-family:arial;color:white;font-size:14px;padding:2px;background-color:green; overlay_labels=Temperature, Visible 1715Z, Temp2, Vis 1815Z, Temp3, Vis 1915Z, Map overlay_labels_color=white, cyan, black, magenta, orange, purple, yellow overlay_tooltip = Show Temps, Show image, Show Temps, Show Image, Show Temps, Show Image, Overlay map

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