Example 5: Adding frame labels and frame 'toggle' buttons using 'bottom_controls'

This is an extension of the previous example. Here we add frame labels and toggle.

The values for the frame labels may be defined in the config file (using the 'frame_labels' parameter), or within the file_of_filenames. Here we choose the latter.

The config file contains:

file_of_filenames=fof5.txt controls = startstop, zoom, framelabel, overlay overlay_labels=map, temperature, streamlines controls_style = padding:5px;background-color:green; overlay_labels_style=font-family:arial;color:white;font-size:14px;padding:2px;background-color:green; overlay_tooltip = Show map, Show temperature values, Draw streamlines bottom_controls = toggle bottom_controls_tooltip = Toggle frames on/off bottom_controls_style = background-color:pink;

And the file_of_filenames looks like this:

TIR1.GIF "Aug 3 12:22pm" overlay=TMAP.GIF, TSFC1.GIF, TSTR1.GIF TIR2.GIF "Aug 3 1:37pm" overlay=TMAP.GIF, TSFC2.GIF, TSTR1.GIF TIR3.GIF "Aug 3 2:44pm" overlay=TMAP.GIF, TSFC3.GIF, TSTR1.GIF TIR4.GIF "Aug 3 5:22pm" overlay=TMAP.GIF, TSFC4.GIF, TSTR1.GIF

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