Example 7: Displaying the cursor location and using hotspots to switch regions and more!

This example illustrates the use of clickable regions on the images that can trigger loading a different file_of_filenames, show a pop-up message, or present a different web page.

The location control has also been added to provide a display of the curor's latitude and longitude. The coordinates parameter, which defines the projection, is specified in each of the 3 file_of_filenames.

Be sure to click on the white triangle(s) in the corner(s)!

Here is the very basic configuration file:

bottom_controls = startstop, overlay, looprock, step, speed, refresh, location controls = framelabel buttons_style=margin-left:10px; active_zoom = true overlay_static = y,n,y,n overlay_zoom = y,y,y,n overlay_labels = Topo/on, Radar/on, Counties/on, nesw/always file_of_filenames = mpx_NCR_overlayfiles.txt

For those who want to switch file_of_filenames from their own HTML, you can do that! Here's an example that you might include on your page (with some styling, of course!):
<button onclick="HAniS.newFOF('mystuff/fof.txt')">Show New File_of_Filenames</button>

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