Updated 3 March 2005

Downloading and Installing HYDRA

For Windows Users

Important note: before installing this version, be sure to uninstall the previous one! using: Start->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs.

Download the installer file from this location to a temporary directory. When the transfer is complete, just run this file and follow the instructions. We recommend just using the default options presented.

For Linux Users

Download the tar-gz file from this location. When the transer is complete, then 'cd' to the parent directory and unpack the archive. This will create its own hydra subdirectory as a child.

For Mac OS-X Users

Download the app.tar file from this location. When the transer is complete, double-click on the icon to unpack the archive. Double-click on the hydra icon to launch the application. You must have Java and Java3D installed in order to use HYDRA.

Running the HYDRA application

To startup the Hydra application, either click on the menu item (Windows) or type the command runhydra.bat. On Linux, you will likely just type in the command runhydra. Please see the on-line tutorial for more details.