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Version 2015

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GUI - Recalling McIDAS Commands

Using the Command History GUI

The Command History GUI shows all McIDAS commands that have been entered, both on the command line or through the GUI. With the McIDAS Command History GUI, you can search previously entered commands, edit and execute them again.

There are three major sections in the McIDAS Command History Interface: the list of commands in the McIDAS Command History, the Search Command History controls, and the Execute McIDAS Command section where you can enter and execute commands.

The number of commands in the McIDAS Command History is equal to the value set in the -ih flag in the $HOME/.mcidasrc file. All commands are automatically saved in the MCCMDHIST.TXT file located in the $HOME/mcidas/data directory.

  1. Search the Command History GUI for the Buffalo, NY NEXRAD radar image you displayed with the IMGDISP command in the previous exercise.
    Select:  List/Command History
    Under "Search for:" enter:  IMGDISP
    Click:   Find
    Notice each time Find is clicked, each instance of IMGDISP is highlighted and entered in the "Execute McIDAS Command" field. Continue to click Find until the Buffalo command is found.

  2. Edit the Buffalo radar IMGDISP command in the "Execute McIDAS Command" entry window. Erase the graphics, and display the first most recent NEXRAD radar image over Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    Change "MKX_BREF1" to "MKX_BREF1.-1"
    Change "ID=BUF" to "ID=INX"
    Prepend an "EG;" to the beginning of the command
    Click:   Go
  3. Practice searching the command history using different search options. When you are done, dismiss the Command History GUI.

    To dismiss the GUI:
    Click:   Dismiss

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