McIDAS Learning Guide
Version 2015

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McIDAS Learning Guide - Introduction

This Learning Guide introduces you to McIDAS and teaches you the basic tools and concepts needed to use the system. The Learning Guide assumes you know meteorology; however you do not need to know McIDAS.

The Learning Guide consists of the eleven lessons in the Table of Contents. The lessons build upon one another so you will learn most effectively by completing them in order. The Learning Guide is applicable for users running McIDAS-X. To complete the lessons in this Learning Guide, you will access the data from the "Storm of the Century" that affected the East Coast of the United States on March 12-13, 1993.

The original McIDAS-X Learning Guide, which was published by SSEC in September 1994, was converted to HTML format by Unidata in September 1996. Most recently, the HTML format was updated in 2015 by SSEC to include information about changes through the McIDAS-X version 2015.1 release (see the Revision History for more details).


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