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Reporting Problems FAQ

Q. What kind of support is provided for McIDAS-V?

A. For information about obtaining help and support for McIDAS-V, check out the Documentation and Support page in the McIDAS-V User's Guide.

Q. How do I report problems?

A. First, check this FAQ and the McIDAS-V Support Forums to make sure this is a problem that has not yet been reported.

If you experience unexpected problems that are not reported in those locations, please let us know. See the Documentation and Support section of the manual for the procedures on how to do this.

Q. How do I open the Error Logs Console?

A. Open a console to show error logs with the Help->Show Console menu.

Q. What do I do if McIDAS-V is locked up and not responding?

A. First, you need to retrieve a stack track of the program so we can find out why this is happening. McIDAS-V provides a web-based service that produces a stack trace. Just view the URL:
and send the McIDAS-V Support Team on the Contact Us page. Note: This service is only available from browsers running on the machine McIDAS-V is running on.

You can also use this service to shutdown McIDAS-V.

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