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Data Probe/Time Series

The Data Probe/Time Series display shows a time series chart of one or more fields at a single location. It also shows a tabular readout of the value at the current animation time step. Note that you must select two or more times in the Field Selector in order to get valid data to display in the charts. In the image below we have a Probe Control showing three parameters: T, RH and windspeed. Their values at the current animation time step are shown in the table and their time series are shown. Note, the T and RH fields are shown in one chart and the windspeed is shown in another chart. You can have any number of fields and any number of charts. You can configure the layout of the charts, the chart properties and the line properties for each parameter. See the Charts page for more information.

Image 1: Probe Control Window
Image 1: Probe Control Window

A small colored square selector point in the Main Display window shows the location of the data probe. You can drag the data probe over the map in the Main Display window by using left-click and drag. When displaying a 3D field, you can change the data probe vertically as well. As the selector point is moved, the data in the charts will change to represent the data at the location of the probe.

The table shows the parameters with their values, the level at which the value is sampled, and the type of sampling. At the bottom of the window, the location of the probe is shown in latitude, longitude, and altitude. When surface data is probed the height of the probe point does not matter. You can move the probe by clicking and dragging it in the Main Display window, or by entering new values into the Lat, Lon, and Alt fields and pressing Enter.

You can add new parameters a number of ways:

Parameter Properties

These parameter actions can be accessed by right-clicking on the parameter row in the table or through the View->Parameters menu.

Probing on Point Data

When probing on point data, the control will find the closest observation to the probe position and use that data to sample on.

Chart Options
Menu Options

Many of the menu items seen utilizing this display are standard options that can be found in the Menus section of the Layer Controls page. However, there are several menu options that are unique to the Data Probe/Time Series display. These menus are found at the top of the Layer Controls tab of the Data Explorer.

The File Menu has these unique options -

The Edit Menu has these unique options -

The View Menu has these unique options -

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