McIDAS Programmer's Manual
Version 2003

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Companion documentation

The following documentation provides additional information about McIDAS-X.

Online man pages

The online man pages provided with the McIDAS-X software contain detailed descriptions of all the API (Application Program Interface) functions that you will need to build applications. The following section provides more information on using the McIDAS-X man pages.

McIDAS User's Guide

This manual provides users with the installation instructions, general information and commands needed to run McIDAS-X. Each command includes a description of its usage, definitions for all positional parameters and keywords, remarks and examples. The manual also describes the F Key Menu System and ADDE.

McIDAS-X Learning Guide

This manual is a tutorial that guides users through the basics of McIDAS-X using a dataset supplied by SSEC. Each section introduces a new topic, including an introduction and practice session with step-by-step instructions. It contains these eleven lessons: Getting Started, ADDE, Loop Control System, Satellite Imagery, Graphics and the Cursor, Enhancements, MD Files, Grids and Grid Files, String Tables, Real-time Data Access, and the GUI.

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