McIDAS Programmer's Manual
Version 2006

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Image channel description file.

This file contains 80 character ASCII text records describing the instrument channel information. For each satellite/instrument combination, there is an instrument description block which must conform strictly to the following format:

Format Description

Sat ss1..ssn

First line of instrument description block,
where ss1..ssn is a list of SSEC assigned satellite sensor numbers

Cal type

Instrument calibration type

BRes lres eres

Line and element base resolution (in km)

nnnn DESC='description' WL=wavel WN=waven

Channel number (nnnn), text description of channel (description; appears in output of IMGLIST FORM=BAND or ALL), wavelength (wavel), and wave number (waven)


Last line of instrument description block

This file is supplied with McIDAS-X.

There is one instrument description block for each supported satellite.

For satellites that support multiple calibration types, the combination of Cal, BRes, and nnnn lines may be repeated for each calibration type.

API functions

Currently, no API library functions exist for reading and writing this file.

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