McIDAS Programmer's Manual
Version 2006

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Making program helps

The McIDAS-X command HELP allows users to quickly see the online structure of a command's argument list. When you write a McIDAS-X applications program, you should include a block of comments describing the functionality of the application, its positional parameters and keywords, and other notable remarks. This block of comments is called a program help or simply the help. These text comments, which reside in help files, form the input to the HELP command. The help files included in the McIDAS-X release are stored in ~mcidas/help.

Use the utility mcmkhelp to produce a help file from source code. This script reads a source file from standard input and writes a help template to standard output. For example, the script below creates a help file from the source file bar.pgm then stores the resulting help template in your own mcidas help directory.

mcmkhelp < bar.pgm > $HOME/mcidas/help/bar.hlp



For more information about the HELP command, see the McIDAS User's Guide. For more information about the HELP command format, see Chapter 2 in this manual.


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