SDI Operator's Manual
Version 2005

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Managing the Server's Routing Table

Users (clients) of the SDI ingestor's data must update their routing tables to link the SDI ingestor's group names to IP addresses. To do this, you must create or update a site routing table that contains the routing information for your site's clients.

The site's routing table can be created and updated in any McIDAS-X session by using the ADDE command named DATALOC to link group names to the IP addresses of remote servers. You will need to copy the table to a directory that is accessible to all clients. Clients must NFS mount the directory to access the file.

The default file name for all client routing tables is MCTABLE.TXT. To use a different name when creating or updating the site table, you must specify the file name in the MCTABLE_WRITE environment variable of the account running the McIDAS-X session. Write-protect the file so it can't be modified or deleted by your clients.

To make the table accessible to your McIDAS-X clients, each client's MCTABLE_READ environment variable must be modified to include this table.

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