SDI-104 Operator's Manual
Version 2008

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Changing the Amount of Retained Data

The ingestor stores data in round-robin AREA buffers, one for visible images and one for IR images. Once the buffer has filled, the ingestor overwrites the oldest image AREA with next image it ingests.

SSEC sets a default buffer size of 504 (about seven days of data) for the amount of FY-2 visible and IR data to retain. This means that the 504 visible AREAs will be numbered from 1 to 504 then wrap back around to 1; the 504 IR AREAs will be numbered 505 to 1008 and then wrap back to 505.

Perform the following procedure if you want to change the amount of data retained in your ingestor.

1. Edit the file /data/opt/etc/rc.FY2

2. Change the value of the variable named AREAS= from its default setting of 504 to the number of AREAs you want to retain of each type (visible and IR).

3. Stop and restart the ingestor process.

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