SDI-104 Operator's Manual
Version 2008

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GVAR Image Index Files

GVAR Index File Naming Convention

The naming convention is: signal_type.ccyy.ddd.hhmmss.INDX


signal_type is the satellite signal type, e.g., gvar
cc is the century when the image started
yy is the year when the image started
ddd is the julian day the image started
hh is the UTC hour the image started
mm is the minute the image started
ss is the second the image started

As an example, the index file name for a 2006 GVAR image, whose nominal image date and time are 113 and 12:20:00, respectively, has the name gvar.2006.113.122000.INDX. This date and time is the "priority frame start time" from the satellite.

GVAR Index File Format

Each GVAR index file text entry has the following six fields GVAR

Field Name Description
SDF name name of the Stretched Data Format file containing the block
Word Offset a four-byte word offset into the SDF file that locates the word containing the starting bit of this block.
Bit Offset a bit offset into the word pointed to by the Word Offset to locate the block's starting bit
Length the length of the block in bits
Block Type the data block type identified; values are 0 to 10 (see GVAR Transmission Format section of the GOES Operations Ground Equipment (OGE) Interface Specification (pdf) document)
Image Line the image line this block is associated with (GVAR block 0's only)

Sync errors and bit-slip errors are also logged in the GVAR Image index files.

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