SDI-104 Operator's Manual
Version 2008

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Changing GVAR Sounder Dataset Names

Perform steps 1-2 below to change GVAR sounder dataset names. See the previous page to change GVAR imager dataset names.

1. To change ADDE names associated with particular datasets, edit the /data/opt/etc/RESOLV.SRV file. The following is an example of a sounder dataset defined in this file. Notice that all fields are comma delimited.

N1=GVAR,N2=SNDR,TYPE=IMAGE,RT=N,K=AREA,R1=1001,R2=1048,C=GOES sounder AREAs,



is the ADDE group name


is the ADDE descriptor name


is the data type

RT is the real-time data flag (used mostly with grid and point datasets)


is the data format or kind


is the beginning AREA number in the range


is the ending AREA number in the range; this number should always be greater than or equal to R1


is the comment field displayed with the DSINFO command

2. Change the values of AREA1 and AREA2 in the /data/opt/etc/rc.GVAR file to match R1 and R2 in /data/opt/etc/RESOLV.SRV.

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