SDI-104 Operator's Manual
Version 2008

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SDI Event Notification System

This section has an overview of the Event Notification System, then a description of the Event Notifier List File and its options.


The SDI ingestor includes an event notification system that allows three types of notifications:

When the ingestor detects an event (e.g., a start of a new image), it performs the notifications specified in the /data/opt/etc/notify.list file. This file is also known as the event notifier list file; see its section below and edit the file to customize notifications for your site. Note that if you specify email notifications, the SDI requires information on the SMTP server and mailing addresses in order to be able to deliver these notifications. These settings can be customized, if necessary, by editing the /data/opt/etc/rc.local file.

If email or write to a file notifications are specified, the content of the email message or file describes the event. The content differs, depending on the source and type of event. The following is an example of email or file content generated by a GVAR ingestor event:

gvar.2006.202.205303.INDX 16537 21512 2973 5368

Refer to the satellite specific chapter (e.g., GVAR) for a complete description of your satellite's event types and the email or file content the events generate.

Event Notifier List File

As stated in the section above, the event notifier list file, notify.list, is in the /data/opt/etc directory. The file specifies which, if any, notifications are performed whenever an ingestor event occurs.

The list of ingestor events, types of notifications, and examples showing how to implement the notifications are included in the comments at the top of the supplied notify.list file. Because the types of events depends on which ingestor the SDI is running, the notify.list file is different for each ingestor type.

For example, the box below contains an excerpt from the notify.list file supplied on GVAR ingestors.

# Line format
# -----------
# event:action:target
# event (GVAR events)
#   imagestart          * default for email
#   sounderstart
#   sounderend
# action                target
#   mailto                
#   file                  
#   exec                  
# Examples
# --------
# sounderstart:file:/data/sndr.log
# sounderend:file:/data/sndr.log
# imagestart:exec:/data/opt/bin/


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