SDI-104 Operator's Manual
Version 2008

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SDI Software Structure

The SDI software consists of data processing software and configuration files, as described below.

Data Processing Software

The data processing software is made up of two components, the ingest and decode component, and the server component.

The ingest and decode component receives the incoming raw satellite data from the SDI card and stores and decodes the data into files. The ingest and decode components are located in subdirectories of /opt.

The server component fulfills client requests by extracting the requested data and sending it to the client.The server components are located in ~mcadde/bin.

Configuration Files

All configuration files (e.g., notify.list, rc.GVAR, rc.local, RESOLV.SRV) exist in the /data/opt/etc directory.

Here is some additional information about the files in the /data/opt/etc directory:

Information Files

The /opt/doc directory contains readme and changes files for each ingestor package. For example, files for the MTSAT HRIT ingestor might include adde-mtsat-hrit-readme.txt, adde-mtsat-hrit-changes.txt, inge-mtsat-hrit-readme.txt and inge-mtsat-hrit-changes.txt.

The readme files contain information about the function of the package, as well as current errata and extended information such as debugging or testing techniques. The changes files includes a history of what was added during the revisions to the package.

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