SDI-104 Operator's Manual
Version 2008

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The SDI POES Ingestor does not perform any navigation processing. Navigation exists on the SDI ingestor system for the purpose of serving the image data. The server requires navigation because it must navigate the images in order to process requests and subsect the images.

The navigation file used by the ADDE image server is the McIDAS format SYSNAV1 file. This navigation file is updated with the latest POES navigation information from the TBUS messages transmitted over the NOAAPORT satellite communications system. The TBUS messages are decoded by the McIDAS-XCD conventional data ingestor/decoder, filed into the SYSNAV1 navigation file and predictions made. The SYSNAV1 file is then staged on a ftp server at SSEC.

At the end of each image ingest on the POES SDI-104, the following entry in /data/opt/etc/notify.list will run the script.


If local file /data/SYSNAV1 on the POES SDI-104 is more than one day old, the script updates the file by downloading it from the SSEC ftp location.

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