SDI-104 Operator's Manual
Version 2008

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Knowledge of the POES system and its data characteristics are not essential for routine operation of an SDI. However, if you experience difficulty, familiarity with these characteristics may help you diagnose operational problems.

Knowledge of the SDI files, their structures, or their naming conventions are not considered essential for normal operation of the SDI. However, if you request technical assistance from SSEC, you may be asked to examine these files to assist SSEC in diagnosing your SDI operational problems. Therefore, an overview of these files is provided in this chapter.

Throughout this chapter, you will see the related terms: Satellite Name, McIDAS Sensor Source (SS), and Spacecraft Address (or Sat-ID). The following table shows the current mappings between these terms.

Satellite Name McIDAS
Sensor Source (SS)
Address (Sat-ID)
NOAA-9 45 11
NOAA-10 60 15
NOAA-11 61 1
NOAA-12 62 9
NOAA-14 64 5
NOAA-15 65 7
NOAA-16 66 3
NOAA-17 67 11
NOAA-18 68 13
NOAA-N′ 69 15

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