SDI Operator's Manual
Revised July 2000

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Bit Sync Requirements

As shipped, the PCI Ingestor card in the SDI is configured to decode NRZ-L coded output from a programmable SDR-54A Satellite Data Receiver Modem from EF Data. Occasionally, the NOAAPORT RF characteristics are changed, which may effect the modem's operation. For the latest RF characteristics information, go to the Web site.

The SDR-54A's RS-422 output attaches directly to the SDI card via a special cable. You can either build the cable or acquire one from SSEC. To build the cable, you will need a D15 male connector for connecting to the SDI, a D25 female connector for connecting to the SDR-54A and a suitable length of cable containing at least three twisted pairs of conductors. Use the table below for making the connections.

SDI 15-pin
Female Pin Number
Conductor Color EF Data 25-pin
Male Pin Number
Signal Name
1 Blue 4 Data+
9 Blue/white 3 Data-
2 Orange 18 Clock+
10 Orange/white 17 Clock-
5 Green 7 Ground

The data rate from the modem is 1,536 kilobits per second.

If you use a different bit sync, or replace an SDR-54A in the future with a model that produces an NRZ-S output, you will need to reconfigure your PCI Ingestor card as described in Chapter 2 - SDI Installation.

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