SDI Operator's Manual
Revised July 2000

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Bit Sync Requirements

As shipped, the PCI Ingestor card in the SDI is configured to decode NRZ-L coded output from the bit sync, which is usually a programmable SDM-300A Satellite Data Receiver Modem from EF Data. For modem programming purposes, the data bit rate is 660 kilobits per second and uses QPSK (Quadrature Phase Shift Keying) with a 7/8 coding rate. The RS-422 output attaches directly to the SDI card via a user-built cable.

To build the cable, you will need a D15 male connector for connecting to the SDI, a D25 female connector for connecting to the SDM-300A and a suitable length of cable containing at least three twisted pairs of conductors. Use the table below for making the connections.

SDI 15-pin
Female Pin Number
Conductor Color EF Data 25-pin
Male Pin Number
Signal Name
1 Blue 4 Data+
9 Blue/white 3 Data-
2 Orange 18 Clock+
10 Orange/white 17 Clock-
5 Green 7 Ground

If you use a different bit sync, or replace an SDM-300A in the future with a model that produces an NRZ-S output, you will need to reconfigure your PCI Ingestor card as described in Chapter 2 - SDI Installation.

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