SDI Operator's Manual
Revised July 2000

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Bit Sync Requirements

Bit syncs provide clock and data outputs in either NRZ-L or NRZ-S format. The PCI Ingestor card in the SDI can decode either format via a selection jumper (JP11) on the PCI card. During initial installation, and/or after changing the bit sync, verify that the format selected on the PCI card matches the bit sync's output format. Refer to the picture below for the location of the jumper. With the PCI Ingestor board positioned as shown in the picture, pin 1 is "up".

The jumper configuration is defined as:

  • 1 - 2 = NRZ-S
  • 2 - 3 = NRZ-L

Remove the card from the PC before changing the jumper. If your SDI is an IBM Netfinity, first removing the bottom of the computer simplifies removal of the PCI Ingestor card.



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