SDI Operator's Manual
Revised July 2000

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Bit Sync Requirements

As shipped, the PCI Ingestor card in the SDI is configured to decode NRZ-L coded data from the bit sync. Currently, most if not all bit syncs used with GVAR produce an NRZ-L formatted clock and data, with the data changing on the rising edge of the clock. However, if your bit sync produces an NRZ-S encoded output, or you replace your bit sync in the future with a model that produces an NRZ-S output, you will need to reconfigure your PCI Ingestor card as described in Chapter 2 - SDI Installation.

The output should be TTL level output and terminated at 75 ohms. However, if you use a bit sync with a balanced (double-ended) output, the ingestor card can be reconfigured to receive it. Contact SSEC for reconfiguration instructions.

The GVAR bit rate is 2.111360 megabits per second.

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