SDI Operator's Manual
Revised July 2000

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Block 11 Index Files

Unlike an image index file, which describes a complete image, a new Block 11 index file is created every 10 minutes. The time portion of the Block 11 index file's name is the time the index file was created. Unlike the image index files, the time in the Block 11 index name is a local workstation time. When a Block 11 is located in an SDF file, an entry is made in the current Block 11 index file. Block 11 index files are in ASCII format and therefore can be viewed using most unix file viewing commands.

The naming convention for the Block 11 index files is:



cc is the century when the image started
yy is the year when the image started
ddd is the Julian day when the image started
hh is the UTC hour when the image started
mm is the minute when the image started

Every entry in the Block 11 index file identifies a data block in an SDF file and it's location within the SDF file. As in the imager index files, sync errors and slipped bits are also logged in the Block 11 index file entries.

The fields in the Block 11 index have the same meanings as the imager index.

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