SDI Operator's Manual
Revised July 2000

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Bit Sync Requirements

As shipped, the PCI Ingestor card in the SDI is configured to decode NRZ-L coded data. The bit sync that is normally used with POES outputs biphase formatted data. An SSEC designed and built converter called a POES Sync Correlator converts the biphase output from the bit sync to NRZ-L. However, if your bit sync produces NRZ-L or NRZ-S encoded outputs, do not use the POES Sync Correlator. Instead, connect the bit sync outputs directly to the SDI and configure the PCI Ingestor card as described in Chapter 2 - SDI Installation.

The clock and data outputs from the POES Sync Correlator should be TTL level outputs and terminated at 75 ohms. If you use a different bit sync that has NRZ-L or NRZ-S balanced or single-ended outputs, the SDI card can be reconfigured to receive it. Contact SSEC for reconfiguration instructions.

The POES bit rate is for 666 kilobits per second for HRPT and 1.33 megabits per second for GAC and LAC.

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