SDI Operator's Manual
Revised July 2000

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Changing the Amount of Retained Data

SSEC sets the default for the amount of POES data to be retained as a function of the size of the hard disk installed prior to shipment. About 900 SDF files can be stored per gigabyte of hard drive space. For example, if SSEC is currently shipping machines equipped with a nine-gigabyte hard drive, its default is set to retain 7,000 SDF files. Perform the following procedure if you want to change the amount of data retained in your ingestor.

1. From the console, edit the file /etc/init.d/ingcntl.

2. Change the value of the variable named SAVE_FILES= to the number of files to retain. One SDF file represents about six seconds of transmission time for GAC and LAC, or about 12 seconds of transmission time for HRPT. Therefore, 600 or 300 SDF files are generated per hour of GAC and LAC or HRPT data transmission time. This results in about 600 or 300 megabytes of data storage, respectively. The values realized operationally will vary because POES is not a continuous transmission. You will likely have to watch disk space utilization and adjust the SAVE_FILES= variable accordingly.

3. Stop and restart the ingestor process.

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