SDI Operator's Manual
Revised July 2000

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POES Index Files

One index file is generated for each image detected in the SDFs.

Index File Naming Convention

The naming convention is: signal_type.ccyy.ddd.hhmmss.mode


signal_type is the satellite signal type, e.g., poes
cc the century the image ingest started
yy the year the image ingest started
ddd the julian day the image ingest started
hh the UTC hour the image ingest started
mm is the minute the image ingest started
ss is the second the image ingest started
mode is the transmission mode of the satellite, e.g., LAC, GAC, HRPT

As an example, the index file name for a 1996 GAC image, whose start of ingestion date and time are 228 and 12:20:00, respectively, has the name poes.1996.228.122000.GAC.

Index File Format

Each index file text entry has the following eight fields. One entry exists in the index file for each data frame.

The screen display below is a portion of a POES index file for an HRPT image. Each line consists of eight fields, described below.

$ more poes.1998.012.180623.HRPT
poes.1998.012.180630 772767 6 5 1 12 180650 140  1
poes.1998.012.180630 776630 2 5 2 12 180650 306  2
poes.1998.012.180630 800492 6 5 3 12 180650 473  3
poes.1998.012.180630 814355 2 5 1 12 180650 640  4
poes.1998.012.180630 828217 6 5 2 12 180650 806  5
poes.1998.012.180630 842080 2 5 3 12 180650 973  6
poes.1998.012.180630 855942 6 5 1 12 180651 140  7
poes.1998.012.180630 969805 2 5 2 12 180651 306  8
  a    b   c     d      e   f  g h i    j     k  l


Field Key



components that form the name of an SDF containing a portion of this image, where:

a is the signal type, e.g., POES
b is the year, e.g., 1998
c is the julian day that the image was received , e.g., day 012
d is the hour, minute and second the image was received, e.g., 18:06:30


the byte address offset in the SDF that contains the start bit of the scan; for example, the first line in the screen display above begins somewhere in the 772,767th byte


the location of this scan's starting bit in the byte pointed to by e


the spacecraft address, not the McIDAS sensor source number, e.g., 5 (see the table at the beginning of this chapter)


subblock; for GAC, this should always be zero; for HRPT and LAC this should be a repeating pattern, e.g., 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3,...


nominal julian day of the image


nominal hour, minute and second of the data, e.g., 18:06:50


millisecond within the nominal second (e.g., 50) described in j


image frame line number

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