McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2012.2

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Removing the Previous Version of McIDAS-X

In versions 2009.1 and later, the McIDAS-X installation files include both the McIDAS-X core package and the McIDAS-XRD sidecar package.

If you have installed and tested a new version of McIDAS-X and/or McIDAS-XRD and are satisfied they are working properly, you can remove the previous version of the packages. If the previous version is 2009.1 or later, complete the numbered instructions below, running each command from the ~mcidas directory. If the previous version is 2008a or earlier, complete the unmake procedure(s) in the 2009.1 version of this manual. Then return to this manual and proceed with its instructions.

1. Log on to the workstation as mcidas.

2. Remove the mcidasversion# directory tree and its contents, replacing version# with the previous version number.

Type:  sh  ./  unmake  all

The messages below are displayed when the unmake is successfully completed.

./ McIDAS-X unmake completed normally.
./ McIDAS-XRD unmake completed normally.

3. Remove the following files:

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