McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Himawari-8 (post-launch test at ~140°E; scheduled to start operations on 07 July 2015)

Orbit Type


Data Type

HSD (Himawari Standard Data)


AHI (Advanced Himawari Imager)


0.5 km for 0.64 µm band;
1.0 km for 0.47, 0.51, 0.86 µm bands;
2.0 km for all other bands



Primary Uses
1 0.47 Daytime aerosol over land, coastal water mapping
2 0.51 Green band to produce color composite imagery
3 0.64 Daytime vegetation/burn scar and aerosols over water, winds
4 0.86 Daytime cirrus cloud
5 1.6 Daytime cloud-top phase and particle size, snow
6 2.3 Daytime land/cloud properties, particle size, vegetation, snow
7 3.9 Surface and cloud, fog at night, fire, winds
8 6.2 High-level atmospheric water vapor, winds, rainfall
9 6.9 Mid-level atmospheric water vapor, winds, rainfall
10 7.3 Lower-level water vapor, winds and SO2
11 8.6 Total water for stability, cloud phase, dust, SO2, rainfall
12 9.6 Total ozone, turbulence, winds
13 10.4 Surface and cloud
14 11.2 Imagery, SST, clouds, rainfall
15 12.4 Total water, ash, SST
16 13.3 Air temperature, cloud heights and amounts

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