McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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If you have problems running McIDAS-X and believe the problems may be related to MCPATH, complete the following steps:

1. Run the McIDAS-X command below to verify that your current MCPATH value meets the three requirements listed above.

Type:  OS "echo $MCPATH

You will not see ~mcidas/data and ~mcidas/help in the directory list because the Unix echo command expands them to their full directory names, for example, /home/mcidas/data and /home/mcidas/help. If your current MCPATH value does not meet the three requirements listed above, exit McIDAS-X, reset MCPATH to a valid value, and restart McIDAS-X.

2. Run the following command from a Unix window to see if the files SKEDFILE, ALLOC.WWW, ALLOC.FLG, FRNVDIR.001 and FRNVEXP.001 reside in the ~mcidas/data directory. Enter the command as one line.

Type:  ls ~mcidas/data/SKEDFILE ~mcidas/data/ALLOC.* ~mcidas/data/*.001

These files exist in the ~mcidas/data directory if user mcidas started a McIDAS-X session sometime in the past. Since you can no longer run McIDAS-X as user mcidas, these files should not be present in ~mcidas/data. If they are present, ask the system administrator or person who installs McIDAS-X to delete them, since they may cause problems with other users' McIDAS-X sessions.

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