McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Configuring an ADDE Remote Server

If you have data on a McIDAS-X workstation that you want to make available to all of your site's users, you can create a remote server account on the workstation. Datasets in the remote server account are available to all other McIDAS-X clients. Each McIDAS-X workstation can have only one remote server account.

Before you configure the remote server account on your workstation, you must select a name for the account. Consider the following guidelines.

SSEC recommends adding a new account named mcadde for the remote server account. The remote server account must be configured with its default umask set to 755, its shell set to sh or a variant like ksh or bash in the /etc/passwd file (the remote server account is the only one with this requirement), plus have the appropriate directories and PATH to run McIDAS-X. The PATH requirements are discussed in Configuring a New User Account.

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