McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Defines questions to prompt the user for string input.


ASK1 string1 'question1' . . 'stringN 'questionN'


string1 . . stringN

string names to place the user's answers in

'question1' . . 'questionN'

the corresponding questions to ask; quotes are required; use uppercase and/or lowercase letters


The ASK1 command defines one or more questions and generates windows that prompts the user for a value for each of the questions. The values entered in the window are entered in the strings named by ASK1. After entering the values, click the OK button or press Enter. Everything you typed in the window is placed in the corresponding strings. To cancel the command, press the Cancel button or press Esc; the value of the strings will not change.

Returned strings greater than 160 characters are truncated to 160 characters.

ASK1 is well suited for the user interface tools like the F Key Menu System.

If the string already exists, its current value appears so you can edit it. Thus, it's easier to change an existing string's value with ASK1 than with the TE command.


ASK1 TIME 'Enter time for plot:'

This entry generates a window with the prompt "Enter time for plot:". Entering text and clicking the OK button or pressing the Enter key enters the new value in the string TIME. If no text is entered and the Cancel button is clicked, the string TIME does not change.

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