McIDAS User's Guide
Version 2015.1

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Lists the digital values at the cursor center.


To list the digital values and other appropriate units of the image pixel under the cursor's center,

Press:  Alt D


Type:  D

Press:  Enter

The D command lists the dataset name, file coordinates, image coordinates, raw digital values, brightness values, radiance, and blackbody temperatures, or other units appropriate to the data source.

The nominal image coordinates correspond to the cursor location. They may not be the original image coordinates of the displayed data value. Image coordinate values may vary if the image file was blown down from the original image and then redisplayed with a magnification factor of two or more.

Any 2-byte IR or dwell-sound GOES data converted to 1-byte data using the IMGCOPY command, assigns missing temperature or brightness values of zero. Brightness values of 255 also indicate missing values such as data off the earth edge or missing lines.

See Also

Use the IMGPROBE command to list the data for the area inside the cursor.

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